Local Ride Descriptions

Here are cue sheets and links to maps for many popular GEARs cycling club rides in the greater Eugene area.

The table below contains links to both cue sheets and maps for each ride. The “Ride No.” column is the link to each ride’s Cue Sheet. The Name column is a description of the destination and route. We’ve included Mileage, Grade (A-Easy, B-Harder, C-Hard), Map (the link to the Google Map), Food (BF-Bring Food, FS-Food Store, FR-Restaurant), and Direction to profile each ride.

The Map column contains links to custom Google maps for each ride. Just as you do at Google Maps, you
can use arrow keys to move the map, increase or decrease the zoom level, and the change the type of imagery.


Most of the rides described here begin and end at Alton Baker Park, in Eugene. The general direction category reflects that location.

These rides have been assembled and documented by volunteers Gary Cook, Carlyn Watson, Paula Erickson, Rob Roy and other GEARs members. If you find errors or issues, please let us know and we will work to get them corrected (email: info@eugenegears.org).


Ride No. & Name Mi. Grade Map Food Direction
102a Priceboro Road* 44 A Map* FS N
103a North Coburg Road & Powerline via Herman* 37 A Map* BF/FS N
103b North Coburg Road & Powerline via Bowers Rd* 32 A Map* BF/FS N
103c Coburg Bottom Loop* 26 A Map* FS N
103d Coburg Bottom Loop to Herman Rd* 33 A Map* FS N
103e Coburg Bottom Loop to Bowers Rd* 39 A Map* FS N
104a Harrisburg Long Way Around* 66 A Map* FS N
104b Harrisburg via Diamond Hill* 47 A Map* FS N
104c Harrisburg/Junction City Area* 44 A Map* FS N
104d Harrisburg* 46 A Map* FS N
104e Harrisburg* 52 A Map* BF/FS N
105a Brownsville via Marcola/Brush Creek Road* 75 A Map* FS E/NE
106a Wendling Covered Bridge* 51 B Map* FS E
106b Wendling Covered Bridge, CCW* 51 B Map* FS E
108a Brownsville via Gap Rd* 70 A Map* FS E/NE
108b Brownsville staying mostly West of freeway* 77 C Map* BF/FS N/NE
108c Brownsville via Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway* 64 B Map BF/FS N/NE
110a Marcola* 38 B Map* FS NE
111a Walterville Breakfast Ride* 42 A Map* FS E
111b Walterville and McKenzie View 42 B Map* BF E
113a McKenzie View Drive* 26 B Map* BF E
114a McKenzie View – Walterville* 42 B Map FS E
114b McKenzie View with Sunderman* 35 B Map* FS E/NE
114d Sunderman and McKenzie View* 35 B Map FS NE
114e McKenzie View, Sunderman, McKenzie View* 39 B Map FS NE
121a Powerline Road 42 B Map* FS N
122a McKenzie View Deerhorn* 58 B Map* FS E/NE
122b McKenzie View Sunderman Deerhorn 68 A Map* FS E/NE
123b Earnest Covered bridge 44 B Map* FS E/NE
124a Brownsville-Shedd 79 A Map* FS N/NE
125a Clearwater Path & Springfield* 25 B Map* BF E
125b Clearwater Path to McKenzie View* 29 B Map* BF E
125c McKenzie View, Sunderman, Clearwater* 39 B Map* FS E
Ride No. & Name Mi. Grade Map Food Direction
201b Junction City* 33 A Map FS N
201c Junction City via Toftdahl Rd* 42 A Map FS N
202a Junction City, Monroe, Coburg 57 B Map BF/FS N
205a Ingram Island Loop* 56 A Map* FS/FR N
207a Franklin Firehouse* 39 B Map* BF W/NW
207b Franklin Firehouse via NW Expressway* 36 A Map BF W/NW
207c Franklin Firehouse via Clear Lake Rd* 36 A Map* BF W/NW
208b Bison TenYall 15 A Map W/NW
209a Alvadore Road – Short* 30 A Map BF W/NW
209b Alvadore Road 30 A Map BF W/NW
209c Alvadore via Meadowview* 34 A Map FS W/NW
210a Poodle Creek Metric Century* 62 C Map* FS W/SW
211a Lawrence Road and Short Butler Road* 40 C Map BF W
211c Lawrence Road and Butler Two Ways* 57 C Map BF W
212a Cheshire* 53 B Map* BF W
212b Hills around Cheshire 51 A Map BF/FS W
214a Sovern Lane* 38 A Map BF N
215a Meadowview Road* 34 A Map* BF N
215b Alvadore via Fern Ridge Path* 34 A Map* BF N
216a Cox Butte Road* 58 B Map* BF/FS N
217a Gimple Hill via Fern Ridge path Wetlands 30 A Map BF W/SW
218 Town of Crow 38 A Map SW
219a Crow Road via Erickson Road 38 B Map BF SW
221a Turnbow, Cox Butte and other scenic climbs 58 B Map BF/FS W/NW
223a Bell Fountain Road 70 C Map FS N/NW
224a West Hills: Butler Road, Sheffler Road, etc. 65 C Map BF N/NW
226a Junction City Breakfast ride 26 A Map FS N
227b Applegate Trail Breakfast ride 37 B Map FS N
227c Applegate Trail Counter Clockwise* 49 B Map* FS N
228a E/W Beacon Road 21 A Map BF N
229a Irving Rd to Fir Butte* 25 A Map BF N
230a Goldson, Hall & Smyth Rds.* 58 C Map BF N
Ride No. & Name Mi. Grade Map Food Direction
300a Crow (town)* 39 C Map* FS SW
301b Crow via Central* 38 C Map* FS SW
301c bRamble Crow Loop* 43 C Map* FS SW
302a Veneta Breakfast ride 40 B Map FR W/SW
302b Veneta Breakfast ride from Twin Oaks 31 Map FS W/SW
302c Veneta Breakfast ride via Bolton Hill Rd. add dos
50 B Map FR W/SW
302d Veneta Breakfast 45 B Map FS W/SW
302e Veneta via Bolton Hill Rd* 49 C Map* FS W/SW
304a NOTI – Poodle Creek 47 C Map BF/FS W/SW
306a Gimple Hill Road 25 C Map BF W/SW
306b Gimple Hill via Pine Grove 25 C Map BF W/SW
306c Gimple Hill Road via Erickson-Crow Roads 30 C Map BF W/SW
306d Gimple Hill via Pine Grove 25 C Map BF W/SW
306e Gimple Hill Road via Crow Road 31 C Map BF W/SW
306g Gimple Hill Road via Pine Grove* 28 C Map BF W/SW
307a Fox Hollow/Lorane Hwy 30 C Map BF W/SW
307b Fox Hollow/Down McBeth/Lorane Hwy* 22 C Map* BF W/SW
307c McBeth Rd – Lorane Hwy – Bailey Hill Rd* 30 C Map BF W/SW
307d Fox Hollow, Lorane Hwy, Pine Grove Rd* 39 C Map BF W/SW
307e Fox Hollow, Briggs Hill, Pine Grove Rd* 43 C Map* BF W/SW
308a Wolf Creek from Twin Oaks Elementary 54 C Map FS SW
308b Wolf Creek (counter clockwise) 96 C Map BF/FS SW
308d Wolf Creek (counter clockwise) from Twin Oaks
87 C Map BF/FS SW
308e Wolf Creek via Lorane (Town)* 71 C Map* FS SW
310a Over the Hump, Around the Dump – Dillard Road
Bear Creek
32 C Map BF SE
310b Over the Hump, Around the Dump – Dillard Road
32 C Map BF SE
310c Over the Hump, Around the Dump – Dillard Access Road 22 C Map BF SE
312a McBeth Road, Fox Hollow Road, Lorane, Bailey Hill 31 C Map BF SW
313a McBeth, Fox Hollow* 23 C Map BF SW
314a Hamm Road via River Drive and Howe Lane 63 C Map BF SE
314b Hamm Road* 46 C Map* FS SE
314c Hamm Road via Lorane Hwy* 48 C Map* FS SE
315a Creswell (town) 34 C Map FS SE
316a Dillard Access Road 22 C Map BF SE
317a Pine Grove Road* 28 C Map* BF SW
318a Doane and Briggs Hills* 37 C Map BF SW
318c Doane Rd to Briggs Hill Rd* 41 C Map BF SW
318d Swing Log Bridge via Lorane Hwy* 41 C Map* FS SW
319a Lorane Hwy to Crow Rd* 31 C Map BF SW
319b Lorane Hwy to Petzold, Out & Back* 35 C Map* BF SW
320a River Drive and Howe Lane* 41 A Map* BF/FS SE
320b Howe Ln via Dillard Rd* 41 A Map BF/FS SE
320c Howe Ln via Dillard Rd, Butte Rd* 37 C Map BF/FS SE
320d Dillard Rd, Creswell, P. Hill, Clearwater 47 C Map* BF/FS SE
321a Dale Kuni* 34 A Map* BF SE
322a Cottage Grove via Lorane 62 C Map FS S
322b Cottage Grove 74 C Map FS S
322d Cottage Grove via Dillard Rd* 63 C Map FS S
324a Bailey Hill Rd Lorane Hwy / FoxHollow Rd 29 C Map BF SW
325a Bailey Hill / Lorane Hwy / McBeth Rd 22 C Map BF SW
326a Lorane (town) via Fox Hollow Rd* 49 C Map* BF SW
327b Breakfast Ride Lorane General Store from Twin Oaks
29 C Map FS SW
328a Noti – Fern Ridge Loop 50 C Map BF W
329a 6 Hills and a Funeral 61 C Map BF SW
330a 4 Hill climb-R-U Ready? 37 B Map BF SW
332 Spirit and Wildwood Falls via Cottage Grove 39/52 C Map BF/FS S
333a Four Hills #1 41 C Map BF SW
334a Four Hills #2 35 C Map BF SW
335a Two Hills – Bike Path 36 C Map BF SW
337a Veneta via Vaughn, Knight & Warthen* 61 C Map FS SW
Ride No. & Name Mi. Grade Map Food Direction
401a Pleasant Hill via Bear Creek* 45 C Map* FS SE
401b Pleasant Hill Short Breakfast ride 26 C Map FS SE
401c Breakfast ride to Pleasant Hill 28 C Map FR SE
401d Breakfast ride to Pleasant Hill including Wheeler 58 C Map FR SE
401e Pleasant Hill via Bear Creek* 45 C Map FS SE
401f Pleasant Hill to Jasper* 39 C Map FS SE
402a Lowell 52 C Map FS SE
403a Jasper via Weyerhauser* 35 B Map BF/FS SE
403b Jasper via Pleasant Hill* 31 B FS SE
403b Jasper via Pleasant Hill – Alternate* 34 B Map* FS SE
403c Walterville via Thurston Rd to McKenzie View* 42 B Map* FS E
403d Jasper via 30th Ave, P. Hill* 42 B Map* FS E
404a Pleasant Hill to Bear Creek* 45 B Not Yet Available FS SE
405a Bear Creek, P Hill, Clearwater* 46 B Map* FS SE
405b Pleasant Hill to Clearwater Trail* 40 B Map* FS SE
406a Weyerhaeuser Rd to Pleasant Hill, Out & Back* 39 B Map* FS SE
409b Winberry Creek Park on Fall Creek Reservoir* 58 B Map BF/FS SE
413a Deerhorn 48 B Map FS E
414a Walterville via Thurston Rd* 34 B Map* FS E
415a Goshen 21 B Map BF E
416a Rattle Snake Butte 53 C Map FS SE
416b Rattle Snake Butte via Dexter* 59 C Map FS SE
416c Rattle Snake Butte via Wheeler Rd* 51 C Map FS SE
417a Upper Camp Creek Road 28 A Map BF E
418b Walterville via Camp Creek, Return Thurston Rd* 37 B Map FS E
Ride No. & Name Mi. Grade Map Food Direction
606 Aufderheide Scenic Highway 62 C Not Yet Available BF E
607 Daffodil Ride – from Junction City* 19 B Map* BF/FS N/NW
608 Daffodil Ride – from Eugene* 43 B Map* BF/FS N/NW
609a Daffodil Ride, sans Daffodils* 54 B Map BF/FS S
610 Meadowview 35 B Map BF NW
611 Noti – Poodle Creek 52 C Map BF/FS W
612 Mohawk Store 35 B Map BF/FS NE
614 Polar Bear Ride 42 C Map BF N
616 Eugene Celebration Parade 68 B Map BF/FS N/NW
617 Harrisburg – 4th of July Parade* 46 A Map BF/FS N/NW
620a* Cinnamon Roll Ride – Short 35 A Map* BF/FS N/NW
620b* Cinnamon Roll Ride – Long 42 A Map* BF/FS N/NW
650 Roads Around Veneta 35 B Map BF/FS N/NW
4000a Texas 4000 Escort to Eugene* 37 A Map* BF/FS W
4000b Texas 4000 Escort to Harrisburg* 53 A Map* BF/FS N/NW
Ride No. & Name Mi. Grade Map Food Direction
901 Veneta Loop* 28 B Map* FS W
902 Doane Hill – Briggs Hill Loop* 21 C Map* BF W/SW
903 Crow – Bolton Hill – Veneta* 31 B Map* FS W
904 Crow – Noti – Veneta Loop* 40 B Map* FS W/NW

* Indicates the cut sheet has been reviewed and updated.