GEARs coordinates rides each week throughout the year. To see the upcoming rides click on this month’s calendar under “Happenings” to the left. Questions? feel free to contact our Ride Director,  Mike Cantrell at  541-342-7649 or by email. Also you may check these ride groups for announcements of scheduled and unscheduled rides:

Ride Maps and Cue Sheets

We have posted a large selection of rides in a table, where they have been graded and details provided for each. GEARs Ride List.

Weather Policy

It is the ride leaders’ responsibility to show up during inclement weather and on rainy days.  The ride can be altered or cancelled at that point (at the ride start).  If the ride is cancelled by the ride leader, there will not be a sign up sheet;  if riders want to proceed, it will no longer be an official GEARs ride.  Cancellation of rides, e.g. a ride leader not showing up to the start of the ride, only occurs in obvious snow and ice and extreme cold or heat conditions; that is, weather in which riding would be dangerous to health and / or safety.

Area Bicycle Maps

For bicycle maps of the Eugene-Springfield city area look here:
Eugene/Springfield City Area Bicycle Map (2016 version, PDF file) or ask at your local bike shop.

For information on the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway.
Check out this link to see what your ride might look like on the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway.

Ride Leaders are the Backbone of our Ride Program

GEARs is very grateful and appreciates those members who volunteer to lead rides. The Club has almost 200 scheduled rides annually and this requires a dedicated group of a ride leaders to make it all happen. No leader, no ride! Members and as well as non-members are welcome to attend rides. All rides are classified according to pace and other characteristics. To pick the ride for your skills and energy level, see the monthly ride schedule. Riders should ride within the pace indicated by the ride leader. If you are unsure of your ability to keep up, choose a slower-paced ride first. All riders must sign a waiver form at the beginning of the ride. You can preview the waiver HERE.

Here’s what you need to ride: a helmet, equipment to fix a flat (tube, patch kit, pump) and enthusiasm for having a fun safe ride. Ride leaders are not responsible for mechanical problems. Never ride with earphones. Pull off and stop when using a cell phone.

If a large group with different ability levels appears for a ride, the ride leader may request a volunteer to lead the faster or slower group of riders. The ride leader will try to keep groups together. Ride single file at the roads edge in town and in high traffic areas. All riders should obey traffic control devices and use bike lanes when appropriate. Many county roads have wide margins outside the fog line that provide a safe riding path. Riders should expect to regroup at the top of significant climbs and other locations at the ride leader’s direction.

GEARs has a no-rider-left-behind policy, trusting that everyone will have a great time, visiting with old friends and newcomers alike. If any rider decides to drop out or go another direction, let the ride leader know, so that the group is not held up, looking for a missing rider.

If you are interested in becoming a ride leader, please contact  Garry Swanson.

For Leaders

Download the Sign-Up Sheet to get the names and the release for folks going on the weekly rides. GEARs Ride Leader Sign-Up Sheet

Regional Rides and Events

For Rides and Events happening all around the Northwest see the our list HERE. If you would like to have your event added to our list email michael@eugenegears.org.

Bike Maintenance Links

These links will take you to a short you-tube instructional video.

Fixing a Flat Tire

How to Adjust Your Brakes

How to Adjust a Front Derailleur

How to Adjust a Rear Derailleur