Pre-registered riders can check in and begin their ride. Those who haven’t pre-registered can register for the 100 mile, 62 mile, 40 mile ride. Online registration ends at 10:00 pm Saturday, August 5th.

The Poodle Creek Metric Century Starts with a Climb out of town up Lorane Hwy. After the climb up you a rewarded with a fun 4 mile downhill section where you can stretch your legs a little. Near the bottom of the descent you will meet up with the century ride for a short way. Be sure to continue straight onto Spencer Creek Rd at the stop sign (the century ride will turn left). Heading west on Spencer Creek Rd you will encounter a couple of gently rolling hills with a short steeper section just before turning right onto Pine Grove Rd. Enjoy the ride down the hill on Pine Grove Rd, but don’t miss the left turn onto Erickson Rd at the bottom. Erickson Rd is another gently rolling road that takes you to Crow Rd. Go south on Crow Rd and then turn left onto Doane Rd. There is a nice climb on Doane Rd and a pleasant descent to Territorial Rd. The route heads north on Territorial Rd, where you will shortly meet up with century ride. The Crow Food Stop is just ahead, at the top of the next hill, in the small town of Crow, at mile 19. After the Crow Food Stop the two century rides head west on Vaughn Rd, a gently rolling road where you can push the pace and enjoy riding a lightly traveled road. You will pass through the small town of Noti on your way to Poodle Creek Rd, where you will encounter rolling terrain along Poodle Creek. From there the route turns east on Hwy 36 to Lawrence Rd. There will be a water stop at the turn from Hwy 36 onto Lawrence, at mile 40. There is a short downhill on Lawrence before the last climb of the day, up part of Lawrence and then left onto Butler Rd for the rest of the climb. One of the fastest downhill sections in the area, on Butler Rd, will take you back down to Territorial Rd. A left on Kirk Rd and a left on Clear Lake Rd will take you along the Fern Ridge Dam to the final food stop on the route, Orchard Point, at mile 48. After enjoying the food at Orchard Point and filling your water bottles a final time you will finish with a flat ride through the south western part of the Willamette Valley, usually with a tail wind to assist the weary. The ride ends at the Amazon Park where delicious blackberry pie, ice cream, a cold beer and the Bike Celebration will be waiting.  If you like you’ll be able to take a shower or go for a swim after your ride for only $1.00 at the Amazon Pool.



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