GEARs Education

GEARs Education works to promote and encourage bicycle education/safety.
GEARs strives to accomplish this mission by:
* Teaching safety and skill classes for riders of various skill levels,
* Educating bicycle riders as safe vehicle operators for transportation, pleasure and health,
* Initiating, coordinating and leading  bicycling events to educate the community at large.

We are an all volunteer organization and we strive to educate the community and improve the quality of urban life by promoting and facilitating, through culture change, the use of safe bicycling as an alternative to the non-sustainable and climate damaging fossil-fuel powered motor vehicle transportation system.

GEARs Education needs volunteers in all aspects of community. Experienced mechanics are always needed, but we need people with all kinds of backgrounds. All you have to have is an interest in bicycle culture and a desire to make a difference.

More goes on at GEARs Education than just bike classes. Get involved in our art, community bike safety programs, livable cities, and other projects. We currently need help for the following positions:
* Instructors, Organizers, Leaders
* Clerical, computer, phone, help with bicycle education and safety activities
* Volunteer Coordinator
* Email/Mailing List Manager
* Public Relations, Marketing, Artists, Event Coordinators
We can offer:
* Support from GEARs Ed for other nonprofit corporations [501 (c) (3)], that promote bicycle education and safety.

We look to engage new people to help in growing our effort. If you have an interest in helping please contact

Donations to GEARs Education are tax deductible. GEARs Education is a qualified 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Federal tax ID number 27-2049125. Click HERE to donate.