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Wednesday, May 20

Ride of Silence, a ride to remember our community members who have lost their lives or been injured while riding their bicycles on the streets of Eugene.

Starting point:  Educational Memorial Plaza on Bailey Hill Road, 300 meters South from intersection with 18 Ave. West Eugene.

Meeting time: 6:00 pm. Listen to the invited speaker and the reading of the names of members of our community who have been injured and killed on the streets while riding their bicycles.

Ride starting time: 6:30 pm. Ends at the David Minor Theater.

Approximate length of the ride: 5miles (Map of the Route)

“Alone we are but a whisper, together we will speak loudly through a silence that will resonate around the world”
Mark Hagar

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Take advantage of one of two specials being offered for the Blackberry bRamble until JUNE 6 ONLY:

Special Offer #1
This is a deal you can’t pass-up! Feast on dinner the night before the ride. After dinner, Eilee Thalheimer, author of Bicycle Sojourners, will share with you the joys of touring and her experiences touring in Oregon. Then ride the Blackberry bRamble Sunday morning wearing your newly designed event jersey (click HERE to see jersey), all for $99. You save $29 and you’ll be supporting the city’s adaptive cycling program. Click HERE to register.

Special Offer #2
Okay, so you can’t do the ride because you’re volunteering on Sunday, August 4 or you have other commitments. You can still enjoy the Saturday’s dinner feast plus the event jersey, both for $60. After dinner, Eilee Thalheimer, author of Bicycle Sojourners, will share with you the joys of touring and her experiences touring in Oregon. You save $29 and you’ll be supporting the city’s adaptive cycling program. Click HERE to purchase.

Remember the Bike Celebration is open to all (no admission charge) and is on Sunday after the ride. We will have eclectic music, jugglers, demos, competitions, a skateboard contest food and vendor booths. Relax at the the Ninkasi Beer Garden with wine too.  At 4pm many prizes will be raffled including a bike frame set, a set of wheels, a complete bike, gift cards and more.

Active GEARs member Michal Young is organizing a Brevet. Here’s the info:

‎”On Saturday, September 8, I am organizing a 200 kilometer brevet (timed, unsupported ride) starting in Eugene and passing through Lorane, Drain, and Cottage Grove. If you are curious about randonneuring, I have posted a few notes on how a 200km brevet differs from a supported century ride here: http://goo.gl/4GgZ4 If you think you might be interested in trying a brevet, you can find my notes on the Down the Drain route here: http://goo.gl/HHNHI

You do not need to be a member of Randonneurs USA or Oregon Randonneurs to participate in Down the Drain on September 8. Expect a ride fee of $15 (possibly less, definitely not more).

Pre-register here: http://www.orrandonneurs.org/bin/brevet_register .
(Rider or robot: Robots might not know that Paris-Brest-Paris is 1200 kilometers. Randonneurs daydream about it.)

We’ll start at Skinner’s Butte Park (just across the river from Alton Baker Park) at 7am, and you should be there 15 minutes early to register. I expect a small group, maybe 6 to 12 riders. You’ll find the veteran randonneurs friendly and welcoming, and happy to mentor rookies in our slightly wacky sport. I hope to some of you will give it a try, but in fairness I must warn you that randonneuring is addicting.”

Please join me for two rides with the 2012 LIVESTRONG Texas 4000, which are 23 students from the University of Texas riding from Austin to Anchorage this summer. They will be passing through Eugene July 9 and 10.

Monday, Noon, I’ll lead from Cafe du Hall, riding to Richardson Park (possibly Highway 36) to meet these riders and escort them to the Northwest Youth Corps facility. This ride is 41 miles and 700 feet elevation gain.

Tuesday, 7AM, I’ll lead from Northwest Youth Corps to Harrisburg and return to Eugene about 60 miles and 700 feet elevation gain.

Pace will be 12-15mph. Please wear your GEARs jersey (now available at Paul’s BWOL).

Richard Hughes
President and Chair of the Board of Directors
Greater Eugene Area Riders Cycling Club(GEARs)
The Voice for Bicyclists
PO Box 5506
Eugene, OR 97405

General Meeting and “POTLUCK”, Monday, July 9, 6:30 to 8:30pm
Northwest Youth Corps, 2621 Augusta Street, Eugene, 97403

Please join GEARs in welcoming the 2012 LIVESTRONG Texas 4000.

On July 9, their route will come through Eugene for the first time in the ride’s history. The organization has a long history of developing friendships and relationships with hosts, and we hope that you will consider joining us for the potluck.

Please RSVP to Garry Swanson, garry@eugenegears.org or 541-726-3997 and sign up to bring a main dish, salad or desert to share. Let’s give a real Eugene GEARs welcome to these 23 young men and women! They are excited to come to Eugene, and to meet people in our city.

The organization, made up of University of Texas students, annually bikes from Austin, TX to Anchorage in 70 days between June 1 and August 10. Their ride will cover over 4,400 miles, and they will be raising over a quarter-million dollars for cancer research. I encourage you to learn more about their organization by visiting: http://www.Texas4000.org.

The annual ride to honor those killed or injured on our streets, to raise awareness that cyclists are here and to ask that we all share the road. Please join us this Wednesday (May 16th). Starting point will be “The Educational Memorial Plaza” on Bailey Hill Road (nearest intersection is Westleigh St.). Ending point is “The David Minor Theater. Meeting at 6:00 pm to listen to the introduction, instructions, and an invited speaker. Starting time of the ride is 6:30 pm. Helmets are required and lights are recommended.

Everyone welcome. Free of charge. No registration necessary.

More general information: http://www.rideofsilence.org

This Thursday night you should be at a cycling event. With an evening packed with fun & interesting bike happenings there’s sure to be something that everyone will find interesting. Besides our GEARs General Meeting that will include some great sharing of knowledge there is also the inagural Cycling for Veterans Ride, Bike Touring 101 with the UO Bike Program, and the Pedals & Pint event at the Rogue Public House. Read below to find out more and we’ll see you there.

Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine!!

GEARs General Meeting- Sharing Your Cycling Philosophy
Thursday, 6:30-8:00 pm
Countryside Pizza

Join us this month to explore several cycling topics and explain/describe your individual philosophy as to how you approach them.  We have so many accomplished members and what a great way to gain knowledge from them as they share their experiences (secrets?) to promote more efficient and enjoyable cycling!  The following five topics can be a “jumping off point” for all of us to share insights and enjoy each other’s company!
1. General Training Plan (Miles per week, Cadence, Mental training)
2. How to train in cycling for a jill (Weight bike/body, Seated vs. standing,Use of markers on the hill, Cadence)
3. Cycle Training Diet (Caloric needs + BMR ProteinFats and Carbs, energy drinks/food)
4. Group cycling vs. Spinning
5. Communication while riding (Verbal & hand signals)

Cycling for Veterans
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30
Alton Baker Park; Picnic Shelter # 1

This ride is open to all veterans, especially disabled veterans, their friends and families.
Contact: Ree  541.337.3710  stumpy@efn.org

Bike Touring 101
Thursday, 5:30-7:30
Outdoor Program Barn (18th and University)

Considering going on a bicycle-assisted adventure this summer, or some other time in your life?  Join the UO Bike Program next Thursday for Bike Touring 101.  We’ll go over all the basics and have a lot of time for questions.The event is FREE.

Several of our staff will talk about trips they’ve done, and go over topics including equipment, shelter, food, route planning, preparing and maintaining your body, bike fixin’, and more.  We will discuss touring locally, nationally, and internationally.  There will be a lot of time for our panel to take questions.
We look forward to seeing you!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Pedals & Pints at Rouge Public House Eugene

On Thursday, April 26th the Collins Bicycle Shop and the Rogue Public House are teaming up to host a bike maintenance clinic featuring bike technicians, bikes, tires to practice flat repair and a lecture on basic bike maintenance and safety.

The event will be hosted at the Rogue Public House in Eugene from 5-7pm. The event is free for Rogue Nation members (free sign-ups at the pub) or $10 for non-members, space is limited so please call for reservations.

Rogue Ales Public House
844 Olive Street
Eugene, OR97401
(541) 345-4155