About GEARs

GEARs was first organized in 1991 to promote recreational bicycling and community bicycle activities. The Eugene Bicycle Coalition was organized in 1995 to promote bicycling as a vital part of Eugene’s transportation system. In January 2008, the two groups merged into what GEARs is today.


The mission of GEARs is to promote and encourage safely riding bicycles for transportation, health and recreation. GEARs strives to accomplish this mission by:
* Coordinating, promoting and leading regularly scheduled rides for riders of various skill levels,
* Teaching safety and skill classes for riders of various skill levels,
* Encouraging public, private and governmental entities to develop better cycling facilities,
* Defending and protecting the rights and responsibilities of bicycle riders as vehicle operators for transportation, pleasure and health,
* Initiating, coordinating and leading community bicycling events, and
* Lobbying governmental and public entities in the furtherance of our mission, vision and values.

It is time for us who care about bicycling in Eugene to get our rears in gear—so it’s exciting to ask you now to consider your interests and join GEARs. Become a member today.

We are an all volunteer organization and we strive to educate the community and improve the quality of urban life by promoting and facilitating the use of safe bicycling. We look to engage new people to help in growing our effort. If you have an interest in helping please contact one of our Board Members.

GEARs, Inc. is a qualified 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

GEARs Cycling Club By-Laws: Adopted June 25, 2014, amended November 30, 2016.

Archive of Board Meeting Minutes

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