The increase in downtown student housing has stimulated interest in improving bicycle connectivity between downtown Eugene and the University of Oregon.  A group at the University is studying the possibility of a two-way cycle track along 13th Avenue from Olive to Alder Street.

13th Avenue serves as the main bike route from downtown Eugene to the University campus.  While the street carries more traffic than some would prefer, a bike lane, one-way traffic  and well-timed traffic signals make the eastbound trip relatively safe, easy and quick.  Traveling west from the University to downtown is more problematic.  Bicyclists are intended to ride one block north up Hilyard Street to head west on 12th Avenue.  Unfortunately, the diversion on Hilyard can be difficult, and riding on 12th involves crossing fast-moving traffic at intersections with High, Pearl, Oak and Willamette Streets.  Many bicyclists instead ride against traffic westward on 13th Avenue, using either the sidewalk or the street.  Whether on 12th or 13th, the trip can be hazardous both for bicycling and for walking.

Live/Move, a student transportation and livability group at the University, is working on a redesign of the Downtown-Campus Corridor, including urban design, planning, traffic and parking counts, and discussions with City staff and community members. One option students are studying is the possibility of a two-way cycle track on 13th Avenue. While the City has neither plans nor funding for bike improvements on 13th Avenue, Live/Move’s project might provide the preliminary work to make such improvements possible—and community support can help make that happen.

To learn more about the Campus-Corridor Connection, contact Joe McAndrew of Live/Move at joe.mcandrew06@gmail.com

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